In each one of us lives multiple, hidden potential. These fragments, often heterogeneous, independent yet linked, weave the fibers of our personality. They reveal themselves, sleep, disappear and loom up again suddenly. Our sensitivity is built on their movement. They irrigate our lives and tie us to one another. They are the basis of our humanity. Fashion is a minor art. Like all minor arts, it is close to our daily lives. Like all arts, its duty is to help us reveal and express hidden potential.

Founded in Nancy in 1987, Lilith is a woman creative and original brand. Unexpected, offbeat fabric blends and mixtures of non-traditional colors set the tone of Lilith collections. The pieces’ novelty, restraint or eccentricity open the way to multiple, personal combinations. The collections, built with real life situations in mind and constantly toying with convention, place the accent on surprise, on the garment’s own magic and on the unforeseen detail. Lilith’s success spread by word of mouth. Its customer base includes artists, celebrities and professional woman who discovered a fresh pleasure in Lilith playful free and authentic collections. This reality legitimize Lilith’s choice of promoting a different type of fashion, genuine and creative, funny and humane, singular and audacious, elegant and free.

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